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Update Aion ver.2.7

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 Hello, Daevas!!

AionEmpire would like to thank you very much for believing in us. Together, we have created something more than a game world. We have created a "family" where players of different countries, nationalities and ages have united. They were united by a game that lived up to expectations and gave them that sense of nostalgia of the "old days". Our team is immensely grateful for your support in difficult times and that you remain with us to this day.

Let's remember the best moments and achievements of AionEmpire:

  • we have created and continue to create the most comfortable conditions for playing in the world of Aion;
  • we carried out pleasant promotions;
  • we have reached the online of 3500 players and are working stability for you;
  • we have created a location with skill reset so that you can practice your skills;
  • we survived powerful ddos attacks and are still working on improving server protection;
  • we are still improving the quality of our services and servers.

And now it's time to turn the page and enter a new era for all of us.

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited event is about to come very soon -  🎉December 23, 2022 at 16:00 Moscow time the update to version 2.7 will start🎉! Our team works hard, makes the final improvements to the client and, as before, creates comfortable conditions for each player to have a really pleasant time on the server. In the week before the update we will publish the themes of New Year's events, the theme of changing the system of achieves and other topics with the information that players need to know in anticipation of the update.

We will highlight important topics for you:

AionEmpire is looking forward to show Daevas the best of the world of Aion ver.2.7.
🧡Join us and build an Empire with us!🧡


PS The topic will be updated with up-to-date information closer to the update.

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