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AionEmpire and partners

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💫Good day, Daeva!💫

As soon as you start streaming AionEmpire, you will need to send weekly statistics about live broadcasts to the administrator. For your efforts, you will receive a cash reward to your account balance in your personal account (and even items for sweepstakes on your channel). You can also get a corresponding role in our Discord channel and together with it you will get the opportunity to publish announcements of your live broadcasts in a special channel.

You can start working with us now:

  • placing a link and an image to our server on your channel🧿;
  • use a microphone or camera on the stream;
  • actively stream and save all your live broadcasts🎮;
  • individual cooperation (it is forbidden to stream other projects)🧐.

How do I get a reward?

Send a message in Discorddiscord.png.fddcce30fec7f9e24c9269c601c8aa88.png to the administrator Imperfection#5274 (for Russian streamers) and Tatami#0644 (for English streamers), which should include:

  • video of weekly statistics (video can be shot on your channel or uploaded to Google Drive, YouTube, etc.);
  • link to your channel;
  • master account mail.

What do you have to show on the video stats?

  • the overall view of your channel;
  • the channel statistics page, namely "Channel Analytics";
  • statistics should include:
    - the weekly interval is Monday through Sunday;
    - Live Views;
    - Time Streamed;
    - Max Viewers;
    - Average Viewers.


  Скрыть контент


Please note that rewards are given out EVERY MONDAY (may be extended to Tuesdays as circumstances dictate). We do not do the Partner Program on other days!

If you are a streamer with a large experience and audience, you can contact the administrator Tatami#0644 to get individual conditions😎.

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