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AionEmpire server rules

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1. Rights and duties of the Administration
1.1. This server is a free server. Accordingly, the administration deals with it exclusively on their own resources and exclusively at own will.
1.2. The administration is not responsible for the temporary or permanent inability to play on the server of a specific person or group of persons.
1.3. Administration reserves the right terminate access to the server to a specific user or subnet as a whole at any time without giving explanation.
1.4. The administration is not obliged to return any items, accounts, characters or their parameters that were lost by players for any possible reason.
1.5. When server crashes, the Administration shall take the necessary steps to improve its working condition in the shortest possible time.
1.6. The Administration reserves the right to take any measures to restrict or terminate the access of users who violate the terms of the rules. The Administration has the right to block the user's account during the proceedings until further clarification of the circumstances.
1.7. The Administration has the right to delete and / or change any data, information posted On the resources of the Administration.

2. Rights and duties of Users
2.1. Lack of knowledge about rules is no excuse for their breach. When you confirm the registration on the server, you automatically agree with the general rules of the project.
2.2. When completing the registration procedure, the user undertakes to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information by filling out the registration form in the administration resources.
2.3. The User undertakes to comply with the rules of the server, the rules of the forum published on the resources of the administration.
2.4. The User is obliged to ensure the non-disclosure of his / her account data, including the password, and is responsible for them (egardless who is committed the action using his/her account).
2.5. All players ought to monitor themselves a software prohibited by the rules of paragraph 3.6 on computers that access the game servers.
2.6. The User agrees to be responsible for his account, as well as for those accounts that he was entrusted to use by other players.
2.6.1. If the administration notices a violation of the rules of any of the accounts (regardless who is committed the action using his/her account), then a penalty will be imposed (permanent blocking) to all accounts that the user logged in to from their PC.
2.6.2. If you are aware of players using third-party software and abusing it on your account and the account of other players, you can inform us and receive a reward from the project administration.

3. Users are prohibited from:
3.1. It is forbidden to directly or indirectly advertise other online games, any other foreign projects.
3.2. It is strictly forbidden to use foul language and insulting of the players and their relatives (in any form) in the game and on the forum.
3.3. Clan names, abbreviations of clans, character names, titles, insulting other players or simply containing vulgar language are unacceptable.
3.4. Any arrangement between players of opposite factions including AP trade and other dishonest manipulations.
3.5. It is forbidden to use server errors (bugs). If you find a server error (bug), you must report it to any member of the Administration.
3.6. It is forbidden to use programs that simulate the presence of a player in the game or disrupt the normal functioning of the server software (also forbidden to keep running these programs when you play on the server). By such ones mean the programs change the client or its substitute and modifying or facilitate the gameplay by non-play methods.
3.6.1. If the administration notices the user's use of the programs in paragraph 3.6 of the rules (egardless who is committed the action using his/her account), then a penalty will be imposed (permanent blocking) to the account and including all accounts (not just the account that violated the rules) that the user logged in to from their PC.
3.7. Insults, other inappropriate behavior in a dialogue with the Administration of the server (or Administration's representatives) is forbidden. It is forbidden to give yourself out as the Administration or representative of the Administration.
3.8. Selling/buying game values for non-game currency, selling or exchanging game accounts.
3.8.1. For the sale of kinah and other valuable resources on third-party sites for real money, the penalty is provided in the form of permanent blocking the accounts of the buyer and seller.
3.8.2. The player who reports the violation himself will not be blocked (only the seller will be blocked), and will also receive a reward from the project administration.
3.9. Unapproved access to someone else's gaming account is forbidden.
3.10. It is forbidden to directly or indirectly advertise sexual services and/or materials of erotic (pornographic) kind.
3.11. Any manifestations of racism and nationalism is forbidden.
3.12. Collusion in arenas for profit is prohibited. Punishment at the discretion of the administration: from nullification AP to account blocking.

4. Addition of the rules
4.1. These rules may be supplemented without notice.
4.2. Accounts and all their contents are the property of the server administration.
4.3. The administration has the right to choose the punishment, based on the situation of violation of these rules.
4.4. Any payment is voluntary and is made solely in the form of donations.
4.5. The Administration does not guarantee that the resources will meet the needs of the user.

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