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Starting Open Beta-Test

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Dear players!

We are glad to announce the launch of the open beta testing of the Aion Empire 1.9 server!

The start is scheduled for October 08, 16:00 Moscow time.

Server rates for the time of OBT will be X10.

In your personal account, you can pick up a set of scrolls and potions for testing.

  Скрыть контент

1. In your personal account, Go to the Shop section: https://aionempire.com/shop


2. Choose the Test category:


3.Choose a product to buy:


4. Choose a character to send a set to and click Buy:



Link to download the launcher: Will be available later.

And now we will analyze in detail how to install the launcher correctly and log in to the game through it:

  Скрыть контент

1. After downloading, open the file.
2. Next, you will see the launcher installation screen. Please note that the path where you install the launcher will be the same for the game.
3. After installation, the launcher itself opens automatically. You will need to select the language pack that will install the game.
4. Then you can register, or click "Enter" under the previously created account username on our site.
x-rR5DNsEd4.jpg  snlzg6T68xU.jpg
5. To download the game to your PC, you need to click "Update" and the launcher will automatically do so.
UWSQ_cAWb-E.jpg  Hn6GCU84LQo.jpg
6. When you finish installing the game, you need to confirm that this is YOU with the PIN you set (if you installed it on the site in your account).
7. Congratulations! You have installed the launcher and the game on your PC. Click "Play" next to the desired game account and the game will start. (You can create up to 5 game accounts in an account on the site.)

Please note that at the end of the OBT, the characters will be WIPE.

Going forward, we will answer a few of your questions:
- the server version is 1.9, the client version is 2+, there may be inconsistencies between images and screensavers;
- the game store will be available later in your personal account on the game's website. All its functionality has been checked and the announcement will be at the end of the OBT;
- the game store will not have items that affect the balance: it will mainly consist of amulets and skins;
- the composition of skins will be from versions higher (up to 7+), so the client's weight is significantly increased;
- our server is positioned as an international one, so we will have 4 language packs (Russian, English, Chinese, Korean);
- in the future, the game store will pay with bonuses for voting on MMOTOP (at the moment there are no bonuses credited, but if you want to support the server, you can already vote for us ❤️);
- you can already share your referral link in your personal account with your friends (later we will publish a detailed topic about the referral system);
- we are actively running an advertising campaign: already launched on the VK platform, an affiliate program is being prepared for streamers who want to keep up with the project. But of course, we can't do anything without your support - spread the referral link as much as possible and your friends will see the quality by visiting the OBT!

All OBT participants will receive bonuses when opening the server!

Useful links:

See you on the server!

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12 минут назад, blacklight5 сказал:

Do the 10X rates apply to Quests as well?


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