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{Event} Magic Mood

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 Date: from December 24, 2022 to January 8, 2023.

When you kill some RBs with a 20% chance you can get a Enchantment Stone Bag according to your level, which can be used up to level 50 and which can be used from level 50. From the sack one Enchantment Stone falls randomly. The bag goes to the toss between the group members.

Enchantment Stone Bag (level 65 - 85; can be used up to level 50)
It can fall with a small chance in the dungeons:

  • Fire Temple
  • Steel Rake
  • Draupnir Cave
  • Dark Poeta
  • Dredgion 46-50lvl

And also with RBs in these dungeons:

  Скрыть контент
  • Kromede the Corrupt
  • Vile Judge Kromede
  • Golden Eye Mantutu
  • Engineer Lahulahu
  • Chief Gunner Koakoa
  • Brass-Eye Grogget
  • Commander Bakarma
  • Deputy Brigade General Yavant
  • Commander Nimbarka
  • Beautiful Lakshmi
  • Kind Saraswati
  • Greatscholar Jaadis
  • Hungry Ooze
  • Spiritmaster Atmach
  • Marabata of Strength
  • Marabata of Aether
  • Marabata of Poisoning
  • Noah's Furious Shade
  • Spectral Elim Elder
  • Spaller Echtra
  • Spaller Dhatra
  • Spaller Rakanatra
  • Telepathy Controller
  • Main Power Generator
  • Auxiliary Power Generator
  • Emergency Generator
  • Brigade General Anuhart
  • Vanuka Infernus
  • Flame Lord Calindi
  • Tahabata Pyrelord


Enchantment Stone Bag (level 85 - 110; can be used from level 50) 
It can fall with a small chance in the dungeons:

  • Esoterrace
  • Udas Temple
  • Lower Udas Temple
  • Beshmundir Temple
  • Dredgion 51-55lvl

And also with RBs in these dungeons:

  Скрыть контент
  • Dalia Charlands
  • Captain Murugan
  • Warden Surama
  • Vallakhan
  • Devoted Anurati
  • Nexus
  • Debilkarim the Maker
  • Kingspin
  • Chura Twinblade
  • Oddwood
  • Anvilface
  • Captain Lakhara
  • Manadar
  • Macunbello
  • Vehala the Cursed
  • Ahbana the Wicked
  • The Great Virhana
  • Dorakiki the Bold
  • Taros Lifebane
  • Isbariya the Resolute
  • Flarestorm
  • Stormwing
  • The Soulcaller
  • Shadowshift
  • Thurzon the Undying


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