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Wheel of fortune [6]

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Dear friends!

We want to present you the  "🤩Wheel of fortune🤩", which will allow you to test your luck and win valuable prizes.
And now we will tell you how to use it correctly.

Duration: from June 5, 2021 to June 21, 2021 (00:00 Moscow time).


About "Wheel of fortune"

  Скрыть контент

1. "Wheel of fortune" is located in your personal account in the "Dashboard" tab. To start spinning, you just need to click on the inscription on the picture.

2. By clicking, you will be taken to the page with the "wheel". To spin for toll, click the "Spin the wheel" button. To spin for ECoin, click the button with the corresponding amount per spin.

3. After spinning you win one or another item. To spin more, click "Continue". To exit, press the "Stop the game". To pick up the prize, click "Receive".

4. All your won prizes will be stored indefinitely in the "Chest". You can open it by clicking on the "Chest" button in the picture with the "Wheel of fortune", or by clicking "Receive" on the active page with the Wheel. In the "Chest" you can select the character you want to send prizes to and then click "Send to the character".

5. Prizes have been successfully sent to the selected character.

6. In the game, prizes will come to the character by mail.

🎁List of prizes:🎁

  • AionEmpire Amulet III: Drop Boost +100% and XP Boost +200% х1 (Can be traded)
  • [AionEmpire] DropBoost Amulet +50% х2 (Can be traded)
  • [AionEmpire] XPBoost Amulet +100% х2 (Can be traded)
  • Daeva Wings of Fate (Can be traded)
  • Astral Knight Wings (Can be traded)
  • Imperial Blue Flame Wings (Can be traded)
  • Plague Doctor's Mask (Can be traded)
  • Burning Skull (Can be traded)
  • Moon Rabbit Ears (Can be traded)
  • Moon Rabbit Costume (Can be traded)
  • Martial Arts Sports Suit (Can be traded)
  • Squeamish Tactical Corporal's Braided Hair (Can be traded)

All appearance items have a lower chance of falling out.

Ps For your convenience, the "Chest" has been added to the top panel in the master account.


 🎇May good luck come with you!!🎇 

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