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  1. In case anyone else is on Linux - first you need to switch to 64-bit wine prefix. But even with that and wine-staging and trying to utilize expand.exe, wusa.exe and dism.exe, it seems it's currently impossible to install these two kb patches. So in Linux it seems it's currently not possible to play on AionEmpire anymore. 😞
  2. Thanks, oh god, I don't have Windows at all.. I play all games on Linux (on Lutris or on Steam-Linux) -_-" So I guess I cannot do anything..😿
  3. Hi, today for some hours I get this message box when I click "Play": "Protection - Service 2 Error [1114]" Is this because server is still under maintenance? Thanks.
  4. I've been looking for 2 weeks for party to do Heiron L 43 Quest (kill elites + captain). It's impossible to find party to do it. Why nobody wants to do it? It is campaign quest!
  5. I cant do alchemy q because the blue recipe is sold by only 1 person on the server and it costs way too much, that's why i dropped it. I don't want this, I want to go cooking. Why should i be forced to do this if i choose to abandon it, doesnt make sense, please fix it!
  6. I did the first quest where you have to buy some recipe from the vendor, and after that it asked for blue recipe in next step but I abandoned this one.
  7. Help please, I wanna continue playing! Thanks!!
  8. I cancelled Alchemy expert Q before completing it, so I'm still 399. I picked up Cooking and am at 399 now. Hestia offered "expert" work order, and I completed it, but where do I get the next quest now? Hestia doesn't offer it.
  9. When I did the quest I needed 25% HP, not 2/3.
  10. Thanks for explaining, it's bad news -_- Since thursday last week I cannot advance my profession and it's so annoying. Maybe I just stop play.. Edit: lol, ONE person on server now sells recipe.. for 12M. I cannot buy. Why should everyone's crafting profession depend on one random player who got lucky and found it, what a bullshit, fuck this.
  11. Thanks, but this is no solution because people hoard that recipe to blackmail ppl to sell it for like 10 M or they cannot advance their profession.. can this get a fix please so it's attainable for normal play characters and we don't need to get blackmailed from other players just because we want to train our own profession simply..
  12. Diana says "You can buy Fasimedes Noble Spellbook Recipe from Darius" but Daries doesn't seem to have it, he only has Diana's Noble Spellbook recipe. Googling says that Darius should indeed have it 😕
  13. I died and needed someone to rez, so I searched for Cleric in my range and location, but the search window didn't work! It worked again AFTER I rez, but of course then I didn't need it anymore. The most important situation is when you need rez, when it must 100% work.
  14. Oh wow. I assumed chests give random 2..16 coins, I didn't know they always give 2 now. 😞 But if it's not a bug, it's very sad..
  15. I did daily bronze coin quest in Eltnen Fortress 6 times and EVERY TIME I only get TWO coins from the chest! This is really bad because it will take 1-2 months for full good set? By that time character can already be 50 lol. Please, please, fix the coin reward chests! Many thanks. And please give me back 30 coins I should have earned on average from the past 6 chests but this bug has stolen from me, thanks!
  16. Hi, I searched the forums for "Broker" but found nothing, so decided to open this post: I noticed I can only put up max 15 items at trade broker. How to increase this limit? I have like 3x as many items to sell, per every day!
  17. I'd like to hear about this too, can the server staff explain please?
  18. For technical reasons on my system I cannot use the launcher to launch aion.bin, so I'd like to know the command-line parameters I have to use to run aion.bin directly, thanks! (like server IP)
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