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What's new in 3.0?

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 🥰Hello, daevas! 🥰
AionEmpire will be opening its doors of version 3.0 to you very soon. So we want to tell you a little bit about what awaits us in the upcoming update.


1. The shop will be changed for the 3.0 update: from today some sections will be switched off for rework and will be included with the update.

2. All quests on the server will be as version 3.5.

3. Housekeeping will be as version 3.5.

4. The characters' skills will go as in version 3.6.

5. The Kamar Battlefield dungeon will be added.

6. Reduced loss of abyss points at some ranks.

7. High-level Enchantment Stones have been added to the list of items that can be obtained from the Omega and Ragnarok.

8. Visualisation of the negative effects received from the divine stones.

9. Changed PvP mode in Tiamaranta and Sarpan locations: at certain times the entire location, except the central fortress and villages, turns into a conflict zone in which PvP is allowed. This happens randomly at the beginning of each hour - from 0:00 am to 9:00 am Moscow time. The rest of the time the PvP zones remain unchanged (marked in red in the left image).

10. Level 60 items from the arena will not be available immediately after the update. They will be available later with the patch.

11. The wings fall with little chance from the next RB:

  • Brigade General Vasharti
    Physical Defence +114
    HP +450
    Strike Resist +46
    Strike Fortitude +84
    Block +47
    Flight Time +85
    Magic Resist +11
  • Zadra Spellweaver
    Magic Defence +28
    MP +300
    Strike Resist +46
    Strike Fortitude +84
    HP +450
    Flight Time +85
    Magic Resist +11

12. The Omega and Ragnarok are now level 60, and their characteristics have been upgraded accordingly.

The topic will be added to. Stay tuned!

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