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Update Aion ver.3.0

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Players stand by!

As before, our team warmly thanks each and every one of you for staying with us and inspiring us to do great things. We are glad that we created a "family" of players from different countries, nationalities and ages. And its name is Empire.

Today AionEmpire is coming to you with good news: only a few days left until our new era of the server. 🎉On March 6, 2023 at 17:00 Moscow time we will be starting the update to version 3.0🎉 Please note that the work time will be up to 3 hours. At the moment our team is working on the finishing touches on the client. We hope that every player will feel comfortable on the server.

By the start of the update we will make changes to some of the topics: achievement system, the schedule of sieges and dredgion. Also, the features of the update and our customization will be added in separate threads in anticipation of the update.


We will highlight important topics for you:

AionEmpire is looking forward to show Daevas the best of the world of Aion ver.3.0.
🧡Join us and build an Empire with us!🧡


PS The topic will be updated with up-to-date information closer to the update.

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Dear friends!
The installation of the update to version 3.0 has been successfully completed. But not without subtleties, of course. We assure you that fixes will follow very quickly.

So, let's go through the main issues:
1. As we suspected, the online at the update was good. Even though it was a weekday, we thought the fun part was still to come!
In honor of this, we decided that we will extend the rates and make them 2 times bigger! Therefore, we can safely announce that from 10.03.2023 00.00 MSK to 12.03.2023 23.59 MSK raiting will be 60% for experience and drop.
2. The error in the skill series will be fixed tomorrow. The rest of the points you passed on to us will also try to be corrected tomorrow.
3. We would like to remind you that the arena has an auto-entry system installed in test mode - this is a protection against teeming, we need verification and your feedback.
4. In the last days of version 2.7 we have removed almost all of the Achievements. Therefore we are now actively discussing with moderators and some active players the most appropriate new ones for this role, as well as the rewards for them and we will make some interesting content for you by the weekend.

Now we would like to discuss some frequently asked questions and bugs:
- client sendlog: recheck client and run x32 version of client (you can choose in launcher settings).
- mouse movement problems - also switching to x32 bit version helps.

Installing update 3.0 on the server is just the beginning of the development of the project and its content. In the near future we are going to debug the server and make it as stable and enjoyable as possible. Then we will make some minor patches related to tasks items etc. Also planned to further improve the protection of the server (today, many have seen that the work on it is ongoing), content part to saturate the customization and diversity: from events and ending with a promotion, and other interesting things. In the near future we will add to the shop some items that we did not have time to make to date: mounts, titles, pets.

Keep an eye on our Telegram and VK, which is currently running a contests, as well as the rest of our social media.

🧡Join us and build an Empire with us! 🧡

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