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Guide China name instanse

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 We need only first symbols 

Adma StrongHold 



Draupnir Cave 


Dark Phoeta -  first symbol looks like TV with small letter s > Dark Phoeta rang S 


Another Dark Phoeta rang C  1) DP , 2) Rang , same will be with rang A , B , small letter with " TV " 



Steel Rake > Т8


Fire Temple 



Now lets try understand , where they go .




And another important moment , better use english client of Aion ( dont use Russian / Fr /  etc ) coz when you try join the group,  they will see your class on your languege . 

For simple i am Cleric 50 lvl character name  Sasa . What they will see when i press button "join group".

RU> Целитель Sasa-try join the group 

Eng > Cleric Sasa- try join the group 

Fr > Guérisseur Sasa-try join the group 

They dont know who is Целитель / Guérisseur , but i am sure they understand who is Cleric . Ofc will be perfect if you use China client of Aion xD 

ps Sorry for my " perfect " english , i am from Ukraine .


Модератору -  если это  полезно , тему лучше закрепить . Благодарность принимаю в виде  конфет на shuher25@gmail.com , можно промо-кодами ) 

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